About Us

About Herbal Riot: 

Herbal Riot is a small, woman owned and operated, handmade herbal remedy business. Our goal is to incorporate plant medicine in situations where we might normally reach for a more “mainstream” remedy. Plants are here to help and heal- we want to act as a catalyst for the plants. We aim to educate the public about natural, herbal healing, while providing and sharing unique products that truly highlight the medicine. All of our products are small batched and intentionally made by hand, with immense gratitude and respect towards the plant spirits. We aim to continue to roll out herbal allies and remedies that appeal to those who wouldn’t normally go for plant medicine as their first choice. Approachable, unique, useful, allies, highlighting a wide array of magically medicinal plants! We are here to disrupt the way you think about healing. 

About Mamie: 

Hello! My name is Mamie (no middle name) Trotter, and I am the founder, owner, and creator of Herbal Riot! 

Herbal medicine has been a part of my life since I can remember, thanks to some really incredible parents, and growing up in the high mountain desert that is Taos, NM. The environment in which I was raised, was really geared towards natural healing- even with a nurse as a mother (who also has a masters degree in holistic health), Western medicine was always the last option for us. Plants were involved with everything in our day to day lives from our morning supplements, to tea, to furniture polish, and a thriving garden. 

Jumping into Herbalism ignited a childlike sense of wonder as I entered a world that both seemed familiar and brand new all at once! I decided to really dig into this path during the summer of 2020, and enrolled in a 500 hour Herbalism program at Herbalism Roots in Denver, CO. That was probably the best decision I’ve made to date. Learning about plants, body systems, and herbal medicine awakened a fire in me like I’d never felt before- I knew I had to pursue it further. As a practitioner of witchcraft as well, Herbalism just made so much sense. So I hatched the little idea of starting my own business making herbal remedies and allies- Herbal Riot! 

I create all of our products by hand- I tincture every tincture in my blends, and infuse all of the oils in our salves! I create products that I find myself wanting and needing in my everyday life- useful, approachable products that incorporate plant medicine.

My love for house plants also blossomed after Herbal Riot began, and I decided to start Plant Riot- our houseplant passion project! Head to the Plant Riot section at the top of the page to learn more. 

I am humbled and grateful to begin a life centered around herbal medicine, creation, witchcraft, community, and magic. Thank you for joining me on this journey.