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Cocktail Infusion Kit- Sugar & Spice (for when your in-law’s aren’t nice)

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This infusion kit guides you through infusing your own apple, cinnamon, and clove tequila, making an apple cinnamon honey syrup, and comes with cinnamon & clove brown sugar for the rims of your final cocktails. 

You will receive detailed infusion instructions as well as a specially curated cocktail recipe- Sugar & Spice (for when your in-law’s aren’t nice)- an apple cinnamon margarita!

You will need to provide 2-4 weeks for infusing, lemon juice, and reposado tequila of your choice for infusing.  

This is the perfect gift for the cocktail lovers in your life, and is sure to impress your guests at your next gathering. Makes 6-7 cocktails.