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Ritual Tea: Seers

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Ritual Teas are were formulated and crafted with the magical expertise of The Death Witch, and the herbal knowledge behind Herbal Riot. They are meant to be used in a ritual setting, and work best while using the corresponding Death Witch ritual oils. 


A sacred companion tea for Seers Oil.
This tea is for work beyond divination. To open portals and pathways while awake or in other realms, depending on your practice. See into the beyond. Made with my favorite plants for visiting other realms and obtaining greater knowledge.

Flavor: Earthy + herbaceous with a hint of apple 

Ingredients: Mugwort, Lemon Balm, Yarrow, Blue Lotus, Apple 

*please note that due to the nature of freeze dried fruit, your tea might be stuck together! Just do your best to break it apart and store in a dry place!