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Herbal Riot

Sex Potion No. 9 herbal bath soak

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This is the Sex Potion No. 9 for your whole damn body. Truly immerse yourself in this sexy goodness. We really wanted to highlight the aromatherapy included in this luxurious bath tea. Geranium essential oil was historically and magically used to dress the oil lamps outside of brothels- it is said to bring out the most sexual parts of our beings. This bath blend smells absolutely divine, and makes you feel even better. Whether you’re using it in a playful bath with a partner, or diving into a self love ritual, you’ll emerge from this bath feeling cared for, relaxed, and sexy as hell. 

Directions: Add a few generous shakes to your bath- soak your way into sexy time!


Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, brown sugar, Damiana, Rose peta;s, Jasmine, Cardamom, Geranium essential oil, Vanilla essential oil, Black Pepper essential oil

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