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4oz Tattoo Salve

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We have always been less than enchanted with the tattoo aftercare products on the market. The recommendations we have gotten have been along the lines of petroleum jelly into an unscented lotion; nothing to actually promote the healing process. We created our Tattoo Salve as an all natural alternative that not only soothes, nourishes, and moisturizes your skin, but actually encourages and helps with your body’s natural healing process. 

Calendula and Yarrow have long been used in herbal medicine as powerful vulnerary (wound healing) herbs. We’ve extracted their magic alongside the aspirin-like pain relief of White Willow Bark. Blue Chamomile essential oil is an all star for wound healing and skin related- paired with the oh-so-familiar and soothing Lavender, with its unmatched antiseptic properties. Organic beeswax is not only nourishing, but antiseptic as well! Cocoa butter and mango butter help this powerful mixture to absorb right into your skin, without a long lasting, greasy residue. 

Help your tattoos stay looking beautiful for longer, and speed up that obnoxious healing process (the itching, peeling, swelling- all of it) with our all natural Tattoo Salve! We promise you’ll never go back.