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Tattoo Tincture

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Our Tattoo Tincture is an anti-inflammatory, nervine, calming blend, intended to be taken before and throughout the tattooing process. Skullcap and Kava Kava are my favorite duo for when I’m going through any kind of stress (like the physical stress of being tattooed), or generally just need to chill. Paired with the beautifully anti-inflammitory and analgesic Turmeric, and finished with a touch of a familiar, sweet and calming Lavender glycerite. 


We know you can handle anything you set your mind to. We also know that it’s nice to have a little support every now and then. Reach for this herbal potion to nourish your nerves before your next session! 

Ingredients: Kava Kava, Skullcap, Turmeric, Lavender, 100 neutral grain spirit, vegetable glycerin

Directions: Take 2-4 droppers full every 15 minutes beginning 30 minutes before tattoo. Continue as needed. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any illnesses. Please be aware of any allergies you have, and review the ingredients closely. Please consult a healthcare professional before using if you are pregnant, nursing, on any medications, or have a diagnosed illness*